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      Segafredo Coffee, Massimo (Bean)
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      • Segafredo Coffee, Massimo (Bean)
      • ฿860.00฿7,683.00
      • Massimo features sweet tones and a full bodied selection of high quality beans staying true to the authentic Italian espresso. Hints of chocolate can also be found in Massimo making it perfect Moccha coffees. Size : 1kg (bag), 1 case (8 kg)
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      Segafredo Coffee, Intermezzo (Bean)
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      • Segafredo Coffee, Intermezzo (Bean)
      • ฿690.00฿6,281.00
      • Intermezzo is one of the oldest blends from Segafredo, Intermezzo is blended and roasted with skill to give the discerning coffee lover a cup of quality coffee with a rich and discerning aroma: The real Italian Coffee. Intermezzo is a vibrant blend of quality Arabica and Robusta whole bean coffees. Size : 1kg (bag), 1 case (8 kg)
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      Segafredo Coffee, Extra Strong (Bean)
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      • Segafredo Coffee, Extra Strong (Bean)
      • ฿1,000.00฿7,171.00
      • Segafredo coffee is a top quality product from South and Central America. It’s coffee beans are only gathered when they are perfectly roundish, featuring full body taste, high degree of aroma, and hint of satisfying malty smell. Segafredo is a made with a prefect mix of Arabica and Robusta, with great attention given to the plantation process. It has been…
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