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      Bon Rose Tea
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      • Bon Rose Tea
      • ฿560.00฿10,572.00
      • Rose Tea is made from high quality Ceylon tea from qualified tea plantation in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Kenya and mixed with cold-pressed rose extract. This blend creates a unique taste that is ideal for refreshments, No laxative ingredients. Direction :  Brewed Bon Rose Tea 60 ml Fresh Milk 60 ml Boncafe Milky Sauce 30-45 ml Ice 16 oz.…
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      Bontea Thai Tea
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      • Bontea Thai Tea
      • ฿115.00฿2,440.00
      • Bontea (original recipe) processed specially to meet the taste of Thai people. It contain 97% tea especially the orange-colored.   Bontea is made from a particularly selected tea from many counties such as Malaysia and India, processed specially according to Boncafe So that it meets Thai people tastes. Its color is exacted from natural ingredients that are specially processed. So…
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      Bon Brown Tea
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      • Bon Brown Tea
      • ฿135.00฿2,846.00
      • A natural brownish gold color tea, It contains 100% tea   So it smells good and rich made by tea leaves from various countries, mainly in Indonesia. Bon Brown Tea is suitable for making Hong Kong bubble tea. Size : 500g (pack) , 1 case (20 packs)
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