Feel the smooth, tender, and enchanting scent of the Signature Coffee blend which passed through a dedicated bean selection process along with perfect roasting methods between the Arabica and Robusta coffee beans which intensifies the coffee’s taste.

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      Cafe Classica (Ground)
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      • Cafe Classica (Ground)
      • ฿164.00฿3,060.00
      • Cafe Classica   Arabica and Robusta Taste: Soft, delicate  A careful blend of Arabica coffee from Thailand's highlands and Robusta coffee from the South creating a soft, mild and delicate taste  Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      Cafe Rama (Ground)
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      • Cafe Rama (Ground)
      • ฿190.00฿3,285.00
      • Cafe Rama Arabica 100% Taste: Soft, mild Premium Arabica coffee from the highlands of Thailand carefully selected for those who love soft and mild tasting coffee. Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      Cafe Crema (Ground)
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      • Cafe Crema (Ground)
      • ฿195.00฿3,681.00
      • Cafe Crema Arabica 100% Taste: Bitter but soft  This perfect Arabica coffee is grown under large trees which help ripen the coffee beans, ultimately creating a better coffee flavor. This coffee tastes bitter but soft and very aromatic, when roasted by BonCafe professionals. Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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