If you love drinking unique coffee, don’t miss out the easy-to-drink Classic Blend Coffee with its rich taste from the medium to dark roast level. For those who want to drink coffee all day but still need to control the caffeine levels, we would like to suggest the Decaffeinated Blend Coffee that has been processed through caffeine extraction until only a small amount remains. There are 5 blends for your selection.
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      Decaffeinated (Ground)
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      • Decaffeinated (Ground)
      • ฿265.00฿5,008.00
      • Decaffeinated  Arabica 100%  Taste: Soft, mild   This coffee is 99.99% caffeine-free. It is an option for those on a caffeine watch regime but still wanting to enjoy the aroma and taste of a great coffee. Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      Espresso (Ground)
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      • Espresso (Ground)
      • ฿145.00฿2,675.00
      • Espresso  Arabica and Robusta Taste: Aromatic, rich, truly Italian  One of the favorites among coffee lovers, this espresso is both aromatic and rich. This is the answer for all the espresso lovers out there.  Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      Morning (Ground)
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      • Morning (Ground)
      • ฿120.00฿2,226.00
      • Morning Arabica and Robusta Taste: Bitter, rich, aromatic, delicate  Morning is a perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, giving a delicate yet bitter taste. It is the perfect roast to wake you up. Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      Mocca (Ground)
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      • Mocca (Ground)
      • ฿150.00฿2,814.00
      • Mocca Arabica and Robusta Taste: Bitter, sweet, chocolaty  For medium-roasted coffee lovers, this coffee is roasted in an Arabian style for those preferring a bitter coffee along with the sweet taste of chocolate.   Size : 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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      All Day (Ground)
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      • All Day (Ground)
      • ฿137.00฿2,589.00
      • All Day Arabica and Robusta Taste: Delicate, soft This lightly-roasted coffee is to be served and drunk at all times of day, thanks to its delicate and soft tastes.  Size: 250g (bag) , 1kg (4 bags) , 1 case (20 bags)
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