Blue Wild Space

A little house with coffee.
Bangkok is one of the cities where one can endlessly café hop from day to night, particularly the Ekamai and Thonglor area, which boasts a rich selection of stylish restaurants and cafés. For those seeking a quiet corner, Blue Wild Space, the second branch of Blue Dye Cafe located a few metres away, is simply a place not to be missed.
Those who have heard of Blue Wild Space before would know that it is a lovely community space created out of renovating an old house. The cluster is home to a second-hand decor shop with treasures hand-selected by the owner himself, a clothes shop, tea shop, lash extension salon and even a studio for fashion shoots.The owner, came up with an idea to start a café where people can shop and enjoy the drinks and cosy atmosphere of the house.
The drinks, too, are created by Tum and his friends. Signature drinks include ‘Lisa’, a latte with strawberry syrup, and ‘Moo Hong’, a local savoury dish of Phuket which he uses to name a drink comprising americano, grape juice and soda—served in a glass which is also available for sale from the shop. Another eye-catching spot of the café is the vibrant blue La Marzocco Linea Mini, which seamlessly blends in with the rest of the café. Tum explains that he settled on the model thanks to its quality and the Boncafé after sales service that comes with the purchase. For those who enjoy a drink or two after work, this place transforms into a bar from 7 p.m. onwards between Wednesday and Saturday.
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