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Boncafe (Thailand) is a business provider with the One Stop Coffee and Beverage Solutions; we are the coffee manufacturer, distributor, and also the importer of many products including topnotch coffee machine brands with more than 32 years experience and over 24 branches across the country. Boncafe (Thailand) is currently a part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group; an Italian coffee company which is one of the world’s largest coffee company.
One-Stop Coffee & Beverage Solutions For Your Business

From the long experience within the coffee business industry, Boncafe has been trusted and supported by several clients within the hotel industry, restaurants, offices, and household consumers. Every support is what pushes us forward; to continue selecting the best products precisely to make sure that we serve all of our customers’ need. Moreover, we always emphasize on improving the manufacture processes to maintain the quality standards while also creating credibility and impression towards the entrepreneurs and consumers. 

Boncafe’s strength lies within the professional full services that aims to serves all of the client’s needs and requirements.

Our products and services

Our products and services It can be divided into main types as follows;
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Machine
  • Non-Coffee Products
  • Accessories
Boncafe has a variety of both domestic and imported coffee for consumers to pick which suits all target groups whether you own your own coffee shops, for home use, hotels, or even offices. Our domestic coffees are craftly picked from the northern and southern parts of Thailand, while it is also our goal to support local farmers in the country and use their coffee beans with our standardize roasting methods at Boncafe factories. These procedures creates a wide variety of coffee blends, both roast and ground, under the “Boncafe” brand just like our other imported coffees such as Craze Cafe’s Single Origin coffee that are from South America, Africa, and many other countries, Italian coffee Segafredo also authentically Italy, Boncafe Rainforest Reserve from Vietnam, and organic Bean Ground & Drunk imported from Australia.
Boncafe is the importer of many coffee machine brands including brands from Italy, Switzerland, etc. with aims to serve our client’s requirements and different usage purposes of each target groups. Whether semi-automatic or automatic coffee machines, Boncafe has selected the best coffee machines that are high in quality and up-to-dated along with wide functions but in a reasonable price.

Apart from coffee, Boncafe also provides instant drinks that are manufactured from Boncafe factories such as, chocolate drink Bonchoco, green tea, and instant fruit tea Bontea Mix which are all easy to drink by just pouring and mixing with water. The instant drinks have rich and delicious flavours and is suitable to every family. Not just instant drinks, Boncafe also distributes imported decoration sauces from LYON Designer Sauce and artificial flavors from Torani brand, which are very popular with restaurants and cafes as it is very convenient and easy to use while also having a wide range of flavors that helps fulfill your unlimited creativity in beverage creation.

Boncafe also has coffee related equipments, barista tools, pitchers, milk refrigerators, blenders, cleaning equipments especially for coffee machines, Jura extensions, along with cups, glasses, and table equipments gathered from many brands for your convenience in choosing your best option.
  • OUR Vision
  • Core Value

Serving with pride and working with Passion to deliver the Boncafé Promise.

Guidelines and principles on social responsibility
Boncafe (Thailand) takes its duties and standards in promoting social responsibility seriously.

· Boncafe (Thailand) is determined to care for the environment and preserve nature. The company’s goal is to reduce activities that can negatively affect the environment. Having staff and everyone involved to promote, support, and conduct strategies on how to practically care for the environment and sustainably develop this matter in the future is BonCafe (Thailand)’s mission.
· Boncafe (Thailand) understands conservation involves biodiversity and pollution prevention and they are keys to a sustainable environment. The company takes such factors into consideration when making future decisions.
· Boncafe (Thailand) encourages the idea of preservation through its working environment within the office by; for instance, using recycled papers, recycled packages, reusable straws and energy-efficient lighting. The company also promotes car-pooling among colleagues and the use of public transport to reduce carbon footprint.

Health and safety issues
· Boncafe (Thailand) aims to focus on the health and well-being of its customers and the general public. It aims to create a good environment at its work place. It also wants to become a leader in promoting safety in food and beverage by regularly keeping itself up to date about situations in the country concerning health and safety issues. Employees are trained to understand their responsibility that they have as individulas, to their colleagues and to their workplace.

Staff and community
· Boncafe (Thailand) promises that its staff is treated fairly with honor and respect.
· Boncafe (Thailand) strives to make the environment at its workplace encouraging and endearing to its employees so that they can efficiently improve their work product and effectively reach their potential.
· Boncafe (Thailand) treats all employees fairly both domestically and internationally, wherever its company branches are operated, and according to local laws.
· Boncafe (Thailand) neither has involvement nor gains benefits in any activity that supports human rights violations.
· Boncafe (Thailand) is determined to create jobs in different dynamics and equally provide job opportunities for everyone. The company neither allows illegal working at its work place nor practices discrimination, threats or all kinds of violations.
· Boncafe (Thailand) aims to create jobs and endow economic opportunities in all areas where the company is operated in order to promote a better quality of life among locals.
· Boncafe (Thailand) is strict in not hiring any person less than 18 years of age, counting from his/her date of birth.

Work ethics, corruption and illegal practice
· Boncafe (Thailand) has guidelines and measures to indicate and control conflicts of interests in the workplace. The company does not accept any kind of corruption and illegal practices. It ensures ethical behavior at all levels of staff both personally and while at work.
· Boncafe (Thailand) does not accept rules that could facilitate any corrupt and/or illegal practices, while denying all types of bribes that could lead to advantages to its business operations or questionable profits that come from questionable sources. All those involved in the company must take this guideline seriously.
· Boncafe (Thailand) is a member of the UTZ Certification Program, which is a label and program for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts. The program focuses on the agricultural sector by creating career opportunities for farmers, supporting education programs and developing sustainable farming practices. The UTZ Program is an effective program to increase income levels of those involved, while simultaneously ensuring a sustainable environmental impact.

Boncafe (Thailand) realizes the current global environment issues and has launched the “CHOOSE TO CHANGE THE WORLD” project with 3 main activities that will be held continuously.

“CHOOSE TO REDUCE” by reducing the use of plastic bags and receiving 1 THB donation for each plastic bag usage. The scheme aims to promote the conscious usage of plastic bags while also granting all donations to support the Green World Foundation’s work on global issues.

“CHOOSE TO REUSE” by reusing cloth bags; beginning within the organization itself by handing out Boncafe cloth bags to all employees and supporting all 500 staffs’ environmental awareness by refraining the usage of single use plastic bags that pollutes our environment.

Lastly, “CHOOSE TO RECYCLE” by using product waste from some branch’s cafes or after demonstrating to clients in all Boncafe showrooms across the country to recycle and process into soaps while handing out to our clients as souvenirs and expressing our gratitude for their support of being a part that helps reduce environment issues and also stressing out that Boncafe and all of our customers are ready to make changes in this world.

To be the leading Coffee Roaster and purveyor of gourmet coffees and food service products around the world by offering the guiding principles of integrity, quality, service and relationship.

To regard one another with respect and promoting a culture of harmony.

To nurture an eagerness to keep learning to maintain our competitive edge.

To be committed to consistent delivery of quality and service Excellence.

To ensure our products and services truly add value to our customers’ business.

  • Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group
  • Business partner

The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is a holding company founded and chaired by Massimo Zanetti. It comprises a vast network of companies, in continuous and rapid growth on a global scale.
The first private coffee group in the world Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group encompasses a number of well-known international brands, which are very popular among the biggest world distributors.
Most of these are leading brands in their specific area or sector, offering a rich variety of high quality regional products, including coffee, tea, cocoa and spices. 

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