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Meet with Boncafe’s premium grade coffees sitting at hotels ranging from luxurious five-stars hotels to hipster hostels with our products serving in perfect occasions such as, a greeting in morning, in afternoon ballrooms, or even waiting in your rooms for you to boil the kettle at any time you please. 
Boncafe is more than just the leader in imports and distributions of topnotch coffees; we also have several other products for beverage crafting, especially to serve business owners, barista, and bartenders to choose what suits best for their recipe and special customers. Moreover, Boncafe’s sales team are well-experienced in taking care of hotel businesses all over the country to make sure that all services meets our quality standards. We also have a special team, the Drink Specialist Program, that are dedicated to give advice on every aspects including techniques like basic how tos of the coffee maker and even exclusive beverage menu creations for your own hotel.

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