Boncafe launched 3 new blends on the occasion of its 30th anniversary

     One of our specials to commemorate our valued customers, Boncafe Thailand launched 3 new coffee blends. Curated from our 30 years of passion, tamped with our success stories, narrated via QR Code on the freshly revamped packaging.

     As the leading one-stop coffee solution provider, Boncafe formulated the 3 new coffee blends, from light to dark roasted profile, serving coffee drinkers who seek for more complex and wider varieties in coffee savoury. The blends are inspired by critical moments throughout our journey since the starting point, unfolded in each exceptional blend as follow:

Roast Level : Very Light
Origins : Ethiopia, Rwanda, Chiang Rai Thailand
Profile : Peach, Rose Tea, Bergamot, Lemon, Medium Acidity, Medium Body and Sweet Aftertaste
Brewing Guide : Filter/ Drip/ Espresso

     From our founding aim to source the best quality coffee for Thais, up until now, Boncafe remains committed to that virtue. We continually pour our hearts into processes, from bean selection, coffee roasting, to customer services, hoping to diversify and uplift Thailand’s coffee industry. 

Roast Level : Medium
Origins : Panama, Ethiopia, Laos
Profile : Almond, Chocolate, Black-Tea Like, Lemon, Medium Acidity, Full Body and Sweet Aftertaste
Brewing Guide : Filter/ Drip/ Espresso

     Proudly being a part of an Italian holding company, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, one of the world’s biggest coffee companies, has been a big step for an entire Boncafe Group. Not only does the acquisition bring about merchandises and services development in meeting world-class standards, but also leads to firm cooperation with business partners across the globe aiming to drive the coffee business altogether.

Roast Level : Dark
Origins : Chiang Mai Thailand, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya
Profile : Almond, Chocolate Orange, Hint of Peach and Berry, Bright Acidity, Strong Body and Bitter Sweet
Brewing Guide : Espresso

     Boncafe has strongly grown along its policy to support local farmers by engaging with the Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP). The mission is to promote social, environment, and farmers’ livelihood development in the northern region of Thailand. We could say that every sip of this blend is your contribution to the community with us.

Scan the QR Code on the package to reveal our exceptionalities from then to now hidden in each blend. Available now at Boncafe Showroom nationwide, Boncafe Website, Lazada, Shopee and JD Central.
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