Worldclass Italian Coffee Segafredo Zanetti Advances into Thai Market with Delicious Ready-to-drink Coffee

Topclass Italian coffee manufacturer Segafredo Zanetti has launched the latest on-the-go Segafredo coffee drink into the Thai markets; brewed with authentic coffee grinds from one of the brand’s oldest coffee blends, which reserves the full Italian coffee flavors with a delicateness reminder of the arabica coffee beans along with the rich coffee taste from the robusta coffee beans. All of the manufacturing methods are carried out meticulously starting from the cultivation area to the can production process for everyone to drink easily. There are 2 flavors of the aromatic full-bodied fresh coffee on-the-go for you to choose; the aromatic mild taste Caffe Latte and the sugar free aromatic strong taste Caffe Americano. You can purchase the 180ml coffee can for only 25 baht to drink at any time and anywhere, as if bringing your favorite coffee cafe to you nearby.
Special Promotion when buying any flavor of Segafredo on-the-go coffee at the special discount of 20 baht (regular price 25 baht) and an additional 1 baht discount for ALL Members at the price of only 19 baht. Promotions only during 24 August – 23 September 2021.

#เซกาเฟรโด #SegafredoZanetti #SegafredoExperience #SegafredoOnTheGo

For more information about Segafredo Zanetti, log onto:
Website :
Instagram : @Segafredozanetti.thailand
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