Guaranteed by Over 200 Top Chefs Across the World! Bontea Mix Seizes It’s First Superior Taste Award 2024

Instant fruit flavored tea “Bontea Mix”, product of Boncafe (Thailand) LTD., has been guaranteed good taste by achieving the world-class Superior Taste Awards 2024 labeled by Belgium’s International Taste Institute.

This year, Boncafe (Thailand) has submitted the Bontea Mix to participate in the taste evaluation test for the first time, in which Bontea Mix’s unique taste has acquired 2 awards from 2 products including Bontea Mix Peach winning 2 stars from the Superior Taste Award and Bontea Mix Lemon winning 1 stars from the Superior Taste Award. The Superior Taste Awards is considered as a branded mark guaranteeing the taste of the food that has passed examination and evaluation by the acknowledgement of 200 top chefs from 20 countries across the word that are experienced veterans and had been through leading stages of competitions while also achieving world-class awards such as the Michelin Guide. In each and every year, several thousand products will be examined and evaluated, but only a few products would be guaranteed with this honorable mark, which means that the awarded products are of good quality and taste great.

Bontea Mix is a great selling product with our guarantee as the best sellers in the company’s non-coffee category. We would like to thank all related staff including researchers and the product development team that had been developing the formula that has led to sales and achieved tremendous feedback from all of our customers. This award has uplifted the spirits of everyone in the firm with more motivation to develop high quality products to gain international recognition. Bontea Mix is available for sample and purchase at all 24 Boncafe showrooms across the country and online at / Line : @boncafethailand / Facebook : Boncafe Thailand / Lazada : BoncafeThailand / Shopee : BoncafeThailand

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