Boncafe Excels at THAIFEX 2024 with Top Innovations! “Boncafe” progresses as One Stop Coffee and Beverage Solutions at THAIFEX Horec Asia 2024, showcasing 2 TOP Innovative Products of 2024 Awards

Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd. hosted a trade exhibition and introduced the latest innovations at THAIFEX Horec Asia 2024 under the concept of ‘One-Stop Coffee and Beverage Solutions,’ with the purpose of emerging as a leader in the coffee and beverage business. They aim to provide solutions and consultations for entrepreneurs to succeed in their business journey. The exhibition took place at booth 10 – H01 in the IMPACT Exhibition Hall 9-12, Muang Thong Thani, from March 6 to March 8, 2024.

The featured Boncafe product lines include:

  1. Coffee machines, coffee grinders, and other equipment.
  2. Coffee bean products.
  3. Non-coffee products, including beverage powders.

In addition to their house brand, in response to the diverse needs and sizes of businesses, international trade partners participated in the event. These partners include brand owners of coffee machines, coffee grinders, and beverage-making machines, namely Mahlhonig, La Marzocco, Eureka, Carimali, Latte Art Factory, Saeco, and Elmeco. Additionally, The Alternative Dairy Co., an Australian-imported plant-based milk brand, was present to enhance the taste without relying on cow milk.

Furthermore, Boncafe has led a venture collaboration with ‘Lucky Leasing,’ a financial credit loan provider, to increase business liquidity for trade owners. They also featured a pop-up store with a free inspiring menu, offering the double flavourful combination of Boncafe coffee and Major Cineplex popcorn.

Live Demonstrations were also highlighted to offer knowledge and techniques for starting a coffee and beverage business, providing sessions for skill enhancement for business owners, including:

  1. “Create Your Own Bar,” co-hosted with Ohm Watunyoo Pichayanukul, the owner of Worldwide Coffee and a coffee expert, who walked through coffee bar layout design and preparation for appropriate system installation to maximise potential for your dream café.
  2. “Alternative Milk For Alternative Cup,” a session featuring plant-based milk selection for coffee making and how to create drinks from almond milk and soy milk. Participants were also welcomed to taste “The Alternative Dairy Co.,” the celebrated premium alternative milk brand imported from Australia, recognised for its well-blended flavour and complementary quality without overshadowing the original drink flavour.
  3. “Café Waste Management,” focusing on raw ingredients and food waste management in the bar to maximise values and benefits from upstream to downstream, as well as suggestions on good premise management systems to mitigate waste.
  4. “Guidelines For Second Grinder,” advice on suitable coffee grinders for your own premise and solutions for the second coffee grinder.

Curated by coffee training experts, event highlights also included 6 specialty menus: Espresso Sunrise Fusion, Classic Orchard Fusion, Chrysanthemum Vanilla Cooler, Lychee Rose Garden Fizz, Tropical Blue Lagoon, Golden Apple On Black, the Italian-premium coffee, and trending Slushy of various flavours served to your taste at the Boncafe booth at THAIFEX Horec Asia 2024.

At the Experiential Zone in THAIFEX Horec Asia 2024, Boncafe launched the industry’s latest coffee and beverage innovative technologies, featuring TOP Innovative Products of 2024 including:

  • Eureka: Prometheus, the ‘cutting-edge’ coffee grinder packed with the latest best-in-class technology.
  • Latte Art Factory: Bar, the premier froth milk maker at the “micro foam” level, registered for its perfect froth made of fresh milk or suitable alternative ones for both hot and cold drinks, reducing costs for entrepreneurs.
  • Elmeco: Matrix, a new Slush Dispenser equipped with an easy-to-use touchscreen, allowing anyone to enjoy the icy snow beverage in a click.

Additionally, at the THAIFEX – Horec Academy section, Boncafe brought experience, knowledge, and various techniques for entrepreneurs and attendees to join in the activities.

In the Main Stage section, a discussion featuring the topic “Follow The Cafe Trend,” a 2024 update on trends in the coffee industry from all perspectives presented by 3 experts representing the coffee business in various aspects.

At the Demo Stage, meet Live Demonstrations: “The Alternative Milk For Alternative Cup,” sharing techniques for choosing plant-based milks to meet the needs of the coffee shop business and increase the value of drinks in the store with efficiency, presented by Boncafe Academy, a coffee expert trainer guaranteed with quality teaching standards from SCA.

Boncafe is committed to supporting entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive services and consultations in the coffee and beverage business. Discover Boncafe products at promotional prices at Booth 10 – H01, IMPACT Exhibition Hall 9-12 Muang Thong Thani from March 6 to 8, 2024. Follow Facebook: Boncafe Thailand for more information.

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