“Road to Barista Workshop”, Upgrading New Gen’s Coffee Career with the Collaboration Between Boncafe and Chiang Mai University

Boncafe (Thailand) in collaboration with Chiang Mai University and farmers from the Coffee Plantation at Thepsadej in Doi Saket district, Chiang Mai has launched a coffee workshop in accordance with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable program aiming to educate about the ins and outs of the coffee business to the students whom are interested in the coffee industry in topics related to coffee agriculturists, coffee roasters, baristas, managers, employees, coffee shop architects, customers, and etc.

Besides from the Boncafe (Thailand) specialist, Khun Ton (Kamolwat Toboonchuay) – Coffee Development Manager & Coffee Specialist, the workshop features a 19 year barista veteran, coffee roaster, instructor, farmer and processing supporter, competition judge, and Q Arabica Grader, along with several collaborated personals ranging from professional baristas, coffee agriculturists, coffee shop owners, and cafe designer/architects.

Khun Pee : Peerapong Panyotee, founder of Peerapong Coffee, is currently a barista, coffee roaster, instructor with more than 19 years of barista experience and also a judge for many national competitions.

Khun Choke : Pachoke Rujirawat, founder of Mingmitr Coffee that has settled in Chiang Mai for over 20 years. The coffee brand had started as a coffee bar in a restaurant and steadily grew until branching more than 20 franchises nowadays.

Khun Kwan : Kwanmongkol Pongsirisan, founder of Street Coffeecrew since 8 years ago (a coffee cart in Jing Jai Market with an average of 200 cups per day) is a coffee brand that start on a 3 wheel mobile cart; driving to several places until settling down at JJ Market selling on Saturdays and Sundays and became famous. Currently owns 2 storefronts (excluding the 3 wheel cart at JJ) and is a business method started as a popup store that is able to expand branches gradually with a strong and clear-cut brand character.

The workshop starts off with the basic coffee knowledge, coffee processing, coffee roasting, and brings the student along to visit the Coffee Plantation at Thepsadej in Doi Saket district, Chiang Mai and learn directly from the farmers themself about each procedure while experiencing the coffee essences in the Coffee Sensory Skills & Cupping workshop. After learning about the origins of coffee beans, the next part leads into the process of selecting Coffee Machines & Grinders, Espresso Extraction, Milk and Steam, Basic Latte Art, then moving on to making the basic coffee menus that each cafe must have while sharing real experiences directly from the coffee veterans. Ending exclusively with the conceptualized “Kid Tueng Chiang Mai (Miss Chiang Mai)” coffee menu that has been designed by Boncafe’s specialists. This workshop not only provides all the coffee essentials; from the beginning of the process until the end of the line, but also includes the marketing trends and cafe designs that will help their implementation into real life.

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