Segafredo Zanetti Thailand marks Italian National Day with “Italian Taste Journey: Celebrating the Authentic Taste of Italy”

Segafredo Zanetti Thailand joined several celebrities and influencers in a workshop marking the occasion of Italian National Day as well as staging “Italian Taste Journey: Celebrating the Authentic Taste of Italy” culinary and cultural event.

As the leader in Italian espresso coffee, Segafredo Zanetti Thailand, in collaboration with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) and the International School of Italian Cuisine (ALMA), celebrated Italian National Day on 1 June 2022, though the official day is 2 June. Italian Taste Journey – Celebrating the Authentic Taste of Italy” was a collaboration between the Italian government and Italian brands in Thailand.

The assembled celebrities and influencers included Natouch “Fluke” Siripongthon, the Thai acting star, who joined a workshop titled “Italian Coffee Journey”. The workshop focused on Italian coffee culture, from growing, harvesting and roasting to extracting, processing and drinking, demonstrating the unique characteristics of classic Italian espresso.
Workshop participants clearly enjoyed making and drinking the authentic Italian espresso with premium Segafredo Zanetti coffee beans.
Meanwhile, Segafredo joined hands with KCG Corporation bakeries to surprise participants with such specialties as risotto rice espresso. It was a great way to convey the authentic Italian coffee culture as expressed in Segafredo’s slogan “Vero Espresso Italiano”.
Besides many leading Italian food and beverage brands in Thailand, the event enjoyed strong support from Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, the Italian Embassy in Bangkok, and the Association of Italian Chamber. The primary objectives of bringing Italian food and drink to the attention of a broader Thai public and expanding the market were thereby well-achieved.
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