Boncafe launches “Awakening Linea Mini” Touch the Icon, Reviving the Single Brew Head Coffee Maker Trend with La Marzocco Brand

26 February 2023 – Boncafe (Thailand) led by general manager Pavinee Chansook and team as the official importer and distributor of the top notch Italian coffee machine brand, La Marzocco, kicking off the “Awakening Linea Mini” Touch the Icon campaign to promote the Linea Mini series while reviving and reintroducing the single brew head coffee machines for coffee shops. The event included a talk session with 3 barista stylists like Tommy Thanabut Gier, Fluke Piyapat Lapteerawut, and Poon Ratchanon Theppabutra whom shared experiences with the Linea Mini coffee maker, while also conversing with the brand’s representative Mr. Giovanni Pezza from La Marzocco Southeast Asia branch about the current trends of opening coffee shops along with the brand’s transfiguration regarding the client’s response within these days that has affected a clear development with the brand. Moreover, the event also had an exclusive promotion onsite along with promotions running from February 15 – March 31, 2023 in which you can ask for further information at all 24 Boncafe showrooms across the country or via “Boncafe Thailand” official Facebook page.
La Marzocco is considered as a world class coffee machine brand that all baristas are familiar with it’s unique style or “The Iconic Design of Coffee Machine” that has been recognized by baristas from all over the world, in which the Linea Mini has been heavily influenced by the designs of Linea Classic series. The Linea Mini’s initial concept idea was aimed for only household usage with the compact size, single brew head, and user- friendly. Due to the changes of worldwide trend within the current coffee shop market along with the economy has affected the behavior changes within the entrepreneurs, the brand had foreseen that after 2020 coffee shop owners tends to open smaller booths and favor compact single brew heads to reduce cost within the limited space. Therefore, La Marzocco’s Linea Mini series has become top of the mind for these coffee entrepreneurs’ interest with its similar features to the double brew head machines that has the dual boiler technology with the ability to brew over 50 coffee cups per day along with its wifi functions that allows the controlling the machine via the mobile application.
Boncafe (Thailand) is one the first importer and distributor of the La Marzocco brand for more than 10 years with expert technicians trained in Italy that are experienced in maintenance of the La Marzocco machines and are always up-to-date with the coffee machine’s features and the brand’s latest technology.
Clients that are interested in the coffee maker or would like further information about the “La Marzocco” coffee machines are able to contact all 24 Boncafe showrooms across the country or via online at official Facebook page at or
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