Visitors to Don Hoy Lord enjoy being close to nature, so it’s the perfect spot for a quick retreat to relax and recharge among birds, fish and other wildlife, while checking into Baantalay See Cream Resort. With a fantastic and expansive lake view, this resort features a total of 65 units in Superior, Villa and Family styles to best accommodate couples and families.

The resort’smotto, “a relaxing Don Hoy Lord experience”, is not an exaggeration because the overall ambiance is one of greenery and tranquility. Take a plunge in the pool if you like, or take a row boat out to see more of the lake.

There are a couple of attractions only some 200 meters from the resort. First is the Prince of Chumphol’s Shrine, a spiritual sanctuary for the local fishermen. Second is Don Hoy Lord itself which is a key attraction in Samut Songkram.

Tourists can fish for razor clams (Hoy Lord in Thai, hence the name of the area) or take a boat ride out to see the estuary, the fishermen’s way of life and mangrove forests with all the birds, monkeys, fiddler crabs and mud skippers. 

A trip to Don Hoy Lord cannot be complete without good food. Best known here are Serrated Mud Crab Meat in Dipping Sauce and Spicy Stir-Fried Razor Clams. It cannot be emphasized enough how fresh the clams are as they are caught locally, and it contributes well to the community economy.

Mackerel is also a renown product in the Mae Glong River as well. Try some local dishes such as Grilled
Mackerel with Green Mango in Sweetened Fish Sauce or Mackerel in Spicy Garcinia Soup, similar taste to Tom Yum Soup that uses garcinia for a sour taste. So a trip to Don Hoy Lord is simple, green, and leisurely, with good food and a relaxing stay. Just be sure to start each morning with a good coffee and you’re all set 

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