Boncafe (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Secures 3 Awards of Environment Friendly Business Development along with Social Responsibility, and Occupational Health and Work Safety Concepts

12 September 2023 – Factory manager of Boncafe (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Khun Kingkarn Rattanapornprasert along with company’s representatives had been bestowed with the certificate while giving lecture about the methods of environmentally friendly product development within the 2023’s annual Sustainability for Living with Carbon Neutrality in Achieving Green Hydrogen Towards Net Zero Emission at Sansook Grand Hall, Bang Saen Heritage Hotel in Chonburi. Boncafe (Thailand) has been selected as 1 of the 14 firms to become the prototype in the developments of the Circular Economy Product which focuses on creating eco-friendly products. Boncafe’s research program about combining coffee ground with HDPE plastic to engineer the biobase plastic bags that are biodegradable in collaboration with Multibax CO., LTD.; manufacturer of high-end plastic bag for food packaging along with bio plastic bags (both biodegradable and biobased types), who shares the same vision of upcycling manufacturing waste into eco-friendly products to promote the usage of resources following the 3R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle) under the concepts of circular economy while supporting industrial sectors to conduct social and environmentally friendly manufacturing to achieve the Net Zero Emission goals of sustainable developments.
Khun Usaphun Inteevoravong, Boncafe (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  CEO has received the “CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2023” for the 3rd consecutive year handed by the Department of Industrial Works under the Ministry of Industry on the previous 13 September 2023 at the Royal Jubilee Ballroom, IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. The honorable award displays the determination to maintain business standards along with the intention to drive the society and environment with the many CSR activities under the CSR-DIW to Covid-19 Relief program.
14 September 2023 – On 2:00 PM, Boncafe Thailand’s factory manager Khun Kingkarn Rattanapornprasert and the company representatives had attended the awarding ceremony of Zero Accident Campaign 2023 receiving the silver level award with the total of 5,658,992 hours (the amount of Boncafe employee’s working hours during 2019 – 2023 without any employee accidents leading to the point of being unable to work or lose work days within the business establishment) from the Thailand Institute Of Occupational Safety And Health at the SD Avenue Hotel in Bang Phlat district, Bangkok. The activity aims to encourage the business establishments to have commitment in preventing work accidents with the basic concepts that “work-related accidents can be prevented” by reducing the statistics of work hazardous within business establishments to zero with continuous occupational safety and health plannings and management which will result in creating the culture of the labor’s safety and good health.

All 3 awards have displayed Boncafe (Thailand)’s determination to maintain business standards while taking into account the importance, awareness, and support of the operations to align with the continuous corporate social responsibility of the industrial entrepreneurs towards society, community, and environment standards. So rest assured that Boncafe (Thailand) will continue to maintain the standards and improve their corporate social responsibility to keep up our and all sectors of society’s happiness and sustainability together.
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