เครื่องทำกาแฟ Modbar Espresso Coffee Machine

Modbar Espresso AV

After impressing the crowd with their new coffee machine appearance that helps to reduce the distance between the barista and their customers with an under-counter module, Modbar’s status has rocketed into one which many baristas want to experience and choose for their coffee shop. The Modbar consists of an Espresso EP system, a Steam and Pour Over systems to cover a wide range of coffee types. Ever since Modbar made its first appearance in the coffee industry, the R&D team did not stop working on improving their invention. Taking in and responding to feedback from their customers, they continued to push forward and produced a new espresso system, the Modbar Espresso AV.

Those who have been keeping up with Modbar from the beginning may have known that this special coffee machine is a collaboration between Modbar and La Marzocco, with the Modbar Espresso AV model using the base technology of the La Marzocco Linea PB and La Marzocco Linea Mini—the two models which are recognised by many leading baristas. As with the models in the La Marzocco AV family, the Modbar Espresso AV is designed for heavy-duty performance and can cater to a large group of customers due to the auto-volumetric closing, which helps to measure the volume of water with high accuracy.

Many may wonder about the difference between the Modbar Espresso AV and the Modbar Espresso EP. At first glance, the two models carry a very similar outer appearance, save for the LED screen for checking the shots, the lever, and the group handles. However, what distinguishes the two is that while the Modbar Espresso EP supports only one tap per module, the Modbar Espresso AV has been designed for two espresso taps with no additional power required to support the second tap. The Modbar Espresso EP comes installed with three programmes: manual, rinse, and auto, each with a pre-programmed profile which can only be selected for the tap one profile at a time. With the Modbar Espresso AV, however, users can now select up to 4 profiles through the tap.

In addition, the improvements are not only designed for baristas, as the Modbar Espresso AV’s drain connections have been moved to the side, making it easier for maintenance by the technicians. Designed for high-volume environments, the Modbar Espresso AV can cater to a large number of customers with no decrease in performance due to the P.I.D. (Proportional Integral Derivation) temperature stability control. An adjustment to the design and installation system means the Modbar AV uses multiple date input from temperature to time and usage to decide the setting of the heating programme. The several heating zones compensate for the difference in over-counter espresso machines, where the water comes into contact with the coffee at a more immediate rate.

However, this does not pose a problem. Thanks to the R&D team’s dedication and hard work, the Modbar Espresso AV provide the same temperature stability of the La Marzocco Linea Mini and Line PB despite the distance of 1.5 metres between the module and the tap. The drip prediction software cleverly maps the flow rate of each espresso shot and accurately predicts the future flow rate to stop the shot without the barista programming in an offset.

The modules offered by the Modbar Espresso AV are there to enable the barista to create a consistent and high standard of coffee. With the new appearance taking up less space, the baristas and their customers can now have an equally compelling conversation to go with their coffee. 

เครื่องทำกาแฟ Modbar Espresso Coffee Machine


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