Must Read Coffee Shop Trends in 2024 to Attract Customers and Quick Profits

Coffee shop trends in 2024 – Coffee shops are businesses that have been continuously popular. No matter what era, people still like to drink coffee and spend their time in the coffee shop for leisure or socializing with friends. So those that are planning to open a coffee shop in 2024 must follow nowadays highly popular coffee shop trends to be successful on your coffee shop opening.

Especially in this era where technology is being evolved each day, Boncafe would like to suggest 8 coffee shop trends in this article that are interesting and applicable in 2024. Let’s have a look together at what these trends are!

What are the 8 Coffee Shop Trends in 2024?

The coffee shop’s location must be convenient to travel and accessible to the target groups.

Choosing a location that is easy to travel to will help customers to access the coffee shop with ease and is an important coffee shop trend in this year. Coffee shop owners should consider the store location that are close to communal areas, landmarks, or places where people travel regularly, such as near BTS stations, offices, tourist attractions, etc.

Decoration you shop with several photogenic corners.

When it comes to running a coffee shop or cafe these days, having just one photogenic corner isn’t enough because we are currently in an era where social media has influence on the lives of customers. I have to tell you frankly that the taste of the drinks of some famous cafes may not be outstanding, but having many beautiful photo angles can definitely attract customers to your coffee shop.

So if you try decorating your coffee shop or the interiors of your coffee shop with more than 5 photogenic corners would help attract more customers to come take photos at your coffee shop and will eventually order the drinks from you as well.

Online systems to take orders for food and drinks is a must.

Providing service via applications or POS systems that supports the customer’s smartphone by scanning QR codes to order food or drinks in advance so that they can pick up the order when they arrive is also another coffee shop trend that is trending in foreign countries or famous coffee shops in Thailand right now. This kind of convenience is what the customers are looking for.

Support a variety of payment methods along with convenient payment tech.

Nowadays, less people are carrying cash and more are entering cashless society. If your coffee shop can support online payment, it would be even more advantageous, such as receiving QR code payment, credit card system, or paying with a smartphone will make it easier for their decision to come into your shop more than a store that only accepts cash.

Notification systems for receiving an order.

For coffee shops that have many customers using their service and don’t want them to stand crowded while waiting for the order at the store counter. Using a system to notify customers when their order is complete is a good option to reduce congestion and also increase the convenience upon receiving the customer’s drink. So they will have time to take photos at each corner of the store. When the order is ready, the customer will be notified to come and pick up their drink at the counter.

Point redemption and discount programs.

The 2024 trends for coffee shops tells us that it is time to bid farewell to using paper cards for collecting points or discounts on paper flyers because this is the era for technology that coffee shops are able to use applications like Line Points which would help on creating membership for point redeeming and collect discounts to your coffee shop for free. It is more convenient and meets the lifestyle of the customers quite well.

Provide high speed Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi or internet signal is a must have for coffee shops or cafes in this era. Especially if any store has a fast and stable Wi-Fi signal, it will help attract more customers to come and take a seat for working or chilling while also drinking coffee at your shop. The Wi-Fi signal speed that we recommend for coffee shops or cafes should be around 500-1000 Mbps.

Use coffee machines with unique technology.

Coffee machines are essential tools in the coffee shop that will increase the convenience for making coffee while also having several functions for a variety of creative menus which could add distinctiveness to your store to stand out and be different from your competitors. Plus, it’s simple to standardize the taste as good as before which will definitely help impress the customers and make them return for service again.

Having a good coffee machine is an essential factor to help the opening of your coffee shop become a successful one.

However, the coffee shop trends that we recommend are just a part of the things that can elevate your coffee shop to become better. While it isn’t necessary to follow all of these points, the one that you must not miss out on is the coffee machine that will standardize the great tastes for every menu in your coffee shop to impress the customers to make them return again and again.

Coffee shop owners that are interested in Boncafe’s coffee machines; which have a wide range of sizes and prices according to your desire and suitable for the usage inside your coffee shop, please have a look at the category and purchase via this link or add Line : @boncafethailand.

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