Cheerful More Than Ever with New Boncafe “Matcha Green Tea”

     One stop coffee business leader Boncafe (Thailand) has debuted the new packages of the green tea products; Nishio Matcha Green Tea Base (Rich Taste), Uji Matcha Green Tea Base (Smooth Taste), and Matcha Green Tea Latte (3-in-1 instant green tea powder). The packaging of all 3 products were re-designed based on using green elements that represents the green tea products while mapping with different color schemes to present the perfect relation between each flavors; focused on modernizing and freshen up the image, while still maintaining the renowned aroma and rich delicious taste just like before, which are because of our devoted procedures since the beginning; starting from selecting the premium grade tea leafs from premium crops which were imported from Japan and processed into premium grade green tea ready to serve to your hands. Such as,

     Nishio Matcha Green Tea Base (Rich Taste) “Matcha Grade Premium” – The perfect matcha green tea for bakery and coffee cafes that wants to use the matcha powder as an ingredient for both hot and cold beverages or even as a component for other green tea menus like cake and ice cream to add the rich tasty green tea savoury from this green tea’s distinctive scent and the strong green color which perfectly enriches the menu’s charm.

     Uji Matcha Green Tea Base (Smooth Taste) “Matcha Grade Hight” – This green tea matcha is also perfect for making refreshing drinks because of it’s soft and sweet flavors that are great with hot, cold, or even blended drinks. This matcha tea goes perfectly with drinks that have milk or cream as ingredients and can also be transformed into a matcha green tea ice cream as well! The flavors will be a mixture of sweet, soft, rich, and aromatic.

     Uji Matcha Green Latte (3-in-1 instant green tea powder) “Matcha Grade Hight” – This is a matcha green tea is the perfect mixture of Uji green tea mixed with sugar and creamer which suits best for vendors or those whole loves drinking green tea at home. You can make this into any kind of refreshment whether hot, cold, or just mix with water and be ready to drink.

     The new green tea will be ready for you to pick up at Boncafe Showroom, 23 branches across the country, and also from online shopping platforms Lazada, Shoppe, JD Central, and leading department stores Makro.

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