Boncafe (Thailand) accomplishes CSR-DIW Award 2021 from the Ministry of Industry

October 27, 2021 – Factory Manager of Boncafe (Thailand), Khun Kingkarn Rattanapornprasert attended the “CSR-DIW 2021” awarding ceremony which is an honorable and valuable reward held by the Department of Industrial Works under the Ministry of Industry. The award was bestowed for organizations that emphasizes, awares, and promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) which this year’s honorable award has been achieved by Boncafe (Thailand).
Khun Usaphun Inteevoravong, Boncafe (Thailand) CEO, has given the policy along with establishing the committee and working group especially for the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues since 18 November 2021; displaying the determination and intentions of maintaining the quality working standards to support this cause with sincerity, while also promoting this cause within all sectors by implementing the 7 Principles and 9 Practices Policy to encourage the cooperation between the factory entrepreneurs and community to create social symbiosis within each other, along with creating sustainable developments and happy coexistion within the areas.
Moreover, Factory Manager Kingkarn Rattanapornprasert, who played an important role in taking care and managing the factory to imply with the corporate social responsibility (CSR), has added a feather in her cap on this award saying,
“After being entrusted with the CSR policy by the CEO of Boncafe (Thailand), the factory decided to apply for the CSR-DIW program in response along with the company’s policy. All sectors have been working hard and sincerely to meet the social responsibility standards of the industrial entrepreneurs towards the society and to coexist along with each other happily and sustainably. This year, our factory has finally been bestowed with this honorable award to add as another pride on the shelf for Boncafe (Thailand). We will continue to reassure that we will remain determined and improve further to comply with the CSR-DIW policies, while also expanding our projects towards other communities.”
Every part and sector within Boncafe (Thailand), the full-service coffee business veteran with more than 30 years experience, can assure that we will continue to raise the standards of corporate social responsibility towards the community and society; making sure that every sector can coexist happily and sustainably.
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