Why should you select Vending Machine from Boncafe?

➤ Products variety
➤ Easy and fast operation
➤ Cost control
➤ Machine provision (Free on loan)
➤ Service & maintenance
➤ Suitable for different types of businesses 

    Vending Machine Crathco PIC-3T

    Technical data:

    Dimensions (WxHxD, mm): 310x700x610
    Power (volt/kW): 230 / 2.5
    Product container capacity (g): 1000
    Beverage menu: 3
    Product powder style: 3 in 1
    Country of origin: USA 

    • Alarm light system and push button lock when the product is running low.
    • Automatic cleaning system*
    • Anti-insect sealing system
    • Taste consistency in every glass, cost control
      *Automatic Cleaning System is for daily cleaning of the mixing unit by a push of a button. However, disassembling the unit for weekly cleaning is recommended.        *The Machine payment is not supported.
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