The Journey of “Passion” that Turned into “Profession”

25 October 2021, Bangkok – Boncafe (Thailand) celebrates its 30th anniversary by debuting the “Anniversary Blends”; 3 new coffee blends that plays as the remembrance of Boncafe’s 3rd decade along with “Jeab Lalana Kongtoranin” being Boncafe’s 1st coffee presenter, while also spreading management concepts on how to improve yourself unceasingly in this new era within the Thailand Coffee Fest 2021.
Boncafe (Thailand), full-service coffee business leaders for more than 30 years has exhibited within the largest coffee exhibition within South East Asia,Thailand Coffee Fest 2021, at Impact Muang Thong Thani, Exhibition Hall 5-7, sharing the experiences about “Profession” from the business’ point of view of being the major coffee distributor and manufacturer that emphasizes and foresees the Thai coffee market’s continuous growth potential along with the improved business strategies that focuses on adaptations in according with the demands of the market, trading partners, and clients that are constantly changing over time along with Boncafe’s 1st coffee presenter “Lalana Kongtoranin” whom shared her points of view as the representative of “Passion” towards coffee.
On this auspicious 30th anniversary, CEO of Boncafe (Thailand) Khun Usaphun Inteevoravong said “First of all, we have launched the new coffee blend series Anniversary Blends to celebrate the 30th year with 3 blends that are flavor enriched and has satisfying fragrant made by selected premium coffee beans imported from Ethiopia, Panama, Laos, along with Thai coffee from Chiang mai to support the Thai local farmers as well. Moreover, a new flagship store that will be more than just a merchandise showroom will be installed within early next year with integrated cafe zones that have a specialty bar from Craze Cafe along with learning centers for clients to learn and dig deeper into continuous detailed knowledge. In terms of adaptation, we will be focusing on adding more variety and accessibility for the clients on new products such as Craze Cafe’s drip bag, Segafredo’s renowned Italian ready-to-drink coffee and most importantly, this year we have joined a venture with TACC company that are manufacturer specialists on beverages and tea to collaborate in creating new formulas together. On coffee machines, we have included a new line of products that will serve the customers’ home usages and have been the sole distributors of semi-automatic coffee machines like Carimali from Italy, portable coffee makers Cafflano brand, the leading La Marzocco has been with us for more than 16 years, and La San Marco D Series that have released the new series to celebrate the 100th year are also displayed within the Coffee Fest as well. We are trying to create new opportunities for different purposes of each target group along with new cultures that are emerging during this changing era because each of us knows well that the food service entrepreneurs, whether hotels, restaurants, or cafes, have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situations. However, we still believe that the food and beverage industry, especially coffee, will become one of the recovering businesses that will bounce back firmly; according to reports from Euromonitor that has predicted that during 2020-2025, Thailand’s coffee business value will have a growth rate at 5% whilst the business values of cafes and bars will have a 13% growth rate, indicating that there are still more rooms and opportunity to progress further.”
Boncafe’s 1st coffee presenter “Lalana Kongtoranin” or known as “Doctor Jeab” has represented the “Passion” of making coffee revealing that “making coffee has become different from the past when I thought that all coffees are the same, but I’ve learnt that coffee is attractive; whether how you taste it or make it. I’ve become obsessed with it. At first, I started with cold brews and then I took courses on barista and had so much fun making latte art. I’ve been in contact with the Boncafe team ever since and it became the beginning of myself as their coffee representative. Nowadays, I’m a coffee lover who mostly focus on inhouse usages with Boncafe’s home installation services, teaching techniques, training, and suggest the coffee beans that I would like. I’m always fond of learning and testing new things out especially when I want to know about something, like coffee that began as a curiosity. Coffee is a charming activity that needs attention and tenderness. Someday we can make good coffee while sometimes we need to figure it out. That’s the fun part of it. I believe that there are many coffee lovers here who are also like me.
Apart from the promotions in this year’s Coffee Fest, Boncafe (Thailand) would like to invite everyone to make merits via the auctioning of “Mahlkonig X54”, which all income will be handed to Dr. Jeab’s “Let’s Be Heroes” foundation that aids patients in rural areas along with those that are lack of hospital treatment funds.
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