Warranty Terms

Find out more for our product general warranty. Our warranty terms of coffee machines vary by brand and model. The breakdown of products under some circumstances may not cover in our warranty. Different cases of maintenance will undergo the judgment and careful consideration of our experienced technicians. Please contact our service center staff for more information.
Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd. guarantees a limited warranty of 1 (one) year starting at the date of purchase of the machine.

This warranty is on bases of ‘bring in’ and includes both labor and parts, but excludes the following:

  • Improper use of machine, i.e. any other use than described in the manufacturer’s manual, as well as sabotage
  • Grinding discs & motors
  • Transportation costs
  • Defects resulting of:- Deterioration of parts which are subjected to wear and tear (e.g. gaskets / water filters).
    – Lime scale.
    – Lack of maintenance, cleaning and descaling.
    – Negligence and improper usage.
    – Use of aggressive chemicals for cleaning and descaling
    – Transportation damage / damage as a result of improper storage and installation.
    – Any repairs performed by unauthorized persons.
    – Lightning discharges and power surges or incompatible voltages.
    – Unsuitable operation environment are humidity/temperature or insects.
  • After the warranty is approved Boncafe will repair/replace the malfunction equipment within a reasonable time frame.
  • Boncafe keeps the right to replace the malfunction equipment with one of the same condition as at the time just before the breakdown.
  • Damages caused by acts of God, fire, floods, tidal waves, earthquake, and any other similar causes of natural disasters or beyond anyone’s control, such as war, riots, and acts of terrorism. 
The warranty will become void when the machine is sold to other parties.
Boncafe will repair the machine within a reasonable amount of time. The servicing under warranty will not result in extension of the warranty period.

Service Policy & Fees

Service & Maintenance Fees ( For household & other coffee machines without a fixed water connection)

Type of Service

Inhouse Service
Over 3,000 THB / Month purchase value 100 THB
Over 500 – 3,000 THB / Month purchase value 350 THB
Less than 500 THB / Month or no product purchase value 800 THB 

Special Service “Express Service”
Any purchase, charge 500 THB 

On-Site Service
Over 3,000 THB / Month purchase value 500THB
Over 500 – 3,000 THB / Month purchase value 750THB
Less than 500 THB / Month or no product purchase value 1,200 TH 

Delivery Service
One way trip 200 THB
Round trip 400 THB
* within a radius of 20 km from any of Boncafe’s service centers.
**Quotation/proposal for professional coffee machines that require a fixed water connection, please kindly contact the Boncafe Technical Service Department for additional details. 

– Boncafe guarantees 3 months for replaced spare parts and all repair work.
– All above prices are excluding 7% VAT.
– Terms and prices are subject to change without any prior notice. 

Spare Parts

Spare parts are not included in the above service fees and are always invoiced separately. Prices are fixed and not subject to negotiations.

Please do not pay without receiving an official Boncafe tax invoice, listing all parts that have been changed as well as a receipt from the technician, who received the machine. 

Non-Boncafe Brands of Coffee Machines

Generally, Boncafe guarantees repairing service only for machines, which are purchased from Boncafe of the brands and models which we officially represent. Boncafe represents the following brands in Thailand:
Ascaso Grindmaster Brasilia Jura BunnLa Marzocco Egro Petra Fetco Saeco Franke Schaerer

Coffee machine of other brands can be brought to any of Boncafe’s service center for inspection. Boncafe is pleased to try to repair any model and brand of coffee machine if: 

No warranty, however, will be given to repairs done by Boncafe on such machines.

Service Packages

For our business customers, we offer service contracts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the technical service department for additional details.

Boncafe’s service packages include: 

For more information or questions, please contact: [email protected]

Return Policy & Fees

Boncafe does not have any policy for exchanging or returning products. Boncafe will not accept any exchanges, returns or refunds after the customer has purchased the item. We advise customers to carefully and thoroughly inspect the item(s) before purchasing.

In case of any damages, defect or loss due to delivery or an incorrect item has been shipped, Boncafe will bear all costs and replace the item(s) without any additional charges.

If an item is damaged or defected, we kindly ask the customer to immediately inform Boncafe Thailand at 02 691 7434-9 within a period of 48 hours (working days only).

All items must be returned in NEW condition (i.e. not used or broken), in the original manufacturer’s packaging and with all original contents including instruction manuals, accessories, additional components.

If any item is not returned in new condition or incomplete quantity, Boncafe reserves the right not to exchange the product.

If you have any specific inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Boncafe (Thailand) directly. We are more than pleased to work out a solution to satisfy our loyal customer’s needs.

For more information or questions, please contact: [email protected] 

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