Behind the Scenes with Boncafe’s 3rd Consecutive 3-Star “Superior Taste Award”

Boncafe (Thailand) has successfully won 3 awards from the 2023 Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute in Belgium. After passing the taste evaluations, these Boncafe coffee products have won the following trophies:Cafe Classica Bean has won the Superior Taste Award 2023 with 3 stars for the 3rd

  • consecutive year, along with the Crystal Taste Award with up to 91.3% points.
  • All Day Bean won the Superior Taste Award 2023 with 2 stars.
  • Mocca Catering Bean won the Superior Taste Award 2023 with 1 star.

Cafe Classica Bean has marked this year’s celebration with the 3 stars Superior Taste Award for the 3rd year since 2021, 2022, and 2023 while also bestowed with the Crystal Taste Award for the first time from its taste and unique fragrant; blended between Thailand’s northern highland arabica coffee and robusta coffee from the renowned plantation within the southern regions of Thailand that are carefully picked to retain the soft, mild, delicate taste. So it isn’t strange that the satisfying taste has truly won the consumer’s hearts.

“Winning the award has been an accomplishment to take pride in but the hardest and challenging part is how to retain the constant quality”, said factory manager Kingkarn
Rattanapornprasert who is the main person involved with the quality control of the production and coffee roasting within Boncafe. The factory manager also revealed behind the scenes of the coffee roasting staffs’ special attention from the beginning of the coffee bean selection until the production process that has always been kept to high quality standards. All the rewards have assured our heedfulness of the quality in the coffee’s tastes with Boncafe Thailand’s continuous effort to maintain our international quality standards which has lifted the confidence that our coffee is of high quality and has been internationally recognized from its greatness. The taste of international coffee are available at the 24 Boncafe showroom branches nationwide or through the website

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