Office Coffee System Program | One-Stop Coffee Solutions

Everyone is in a positive frame of mind with a good cup of coffee-premium beans, properly ground and brewed fresh- a quiet one on your own, brainstorm session with employees or meeting with clients in the boardroom-all at your convenience with Boncafe office coffee system.

Save money and Time

Walking to a cafe, making an order, drinking and walking back can take many hours off employees’ workweek But if given the option of getting a free brew in the office, the time staff spend getting a daily fix could be cut to a fraction of that amount. This in turns causes fewer delays in completing work, happier employees and more satisfied supervisors.

Build Connection between employees

No matter the size-whether it’s a singe self service espresso machine or a full service in office cafe- a coffee corner at work gives people a place to refresh themselves, talk over new ideas with others, problem solve in a more relaxed environment, share and bond with co-workers old and new. This profits the company to work and preventing inter-personal tensions that can arise at the office.

Re-freshen and Boost Ideas!

Caffeine gets rid of drowsiness and picks up the general atmosphere of the office. It motivates people, activates the brain to create ideas, and boost capacity to meet challenges with a positive attitude.