Boncafe Salted Cheese Cap Powder 500g


Cheese Flavoured Beverage Base Powder

This product is suited to be a topping for a variety of beverages, be it milk tea, coffee or fruit tea. Its soft and foamy texture captures the taste buds while also saving time and money during your beverage preparation. The easy preparation requires the user to just add water or milk according to the provided ratios and blend the ingredients together.

Direction :
Packaging : 500 g/bag
Shelf Life : 1 year from manufacturing date.
Suggestion: Use within 7-15 days after opened

Preparation : 
1. Mix the cheese powder in cold water or cold milk with a ratio of 1:3 respectively.
2. Use a milk steamer or a blender to mix the powder and liquid.
3. Decorate the finished product on your drinks such as iced coffee, Thai or Taiwanese milk tea, cocoa beverage or even on desserts


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