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      • ฿630,000.00
      • WMF coffee machines WMF Espresso is an automatic coffee machine that has function, capacity and appearance as same as semi-automatic coffee machine, Two integrated grinders and automatic tamping, two air cooled bean hoppers for different types of coffee bean. Cool Touch Technology ensures you can touch the seam wands by hand and rod large touch display with self-explanatory "digital operating…
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      WMF 5000S+
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      • WMF 5000S+
      • ฿550,200.00 ฿522,690.00
      • WMF coffee machines Fully - automatic, high performance pump and heavy- duty brewer coffee machine for medium- to-heavy -duty breakfast and banqueting of hotel operations, and medium to big offices with 2(two) grinders, The Steam Jet, Easy milk function, 10 inch touch - screen display and Dynamic Coffee Assist, fixed water supply and drainage, beverage setting, LED* illumination, and USB…
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      WMF 1500S+
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      • WMF 1500S+
      • ฿413,700.00 ฿393,000.00
      • WMF coffee machines Fully - automatic, medium-duty, commercial specialty coffee machine for Espresso, Cappuccino, Milky Coffee, Latte Macchiato and Cafe Creme. With 2(two) grinders, 10 inch touch-screen display with control system and Dynamic Coffee Assist. Optionally with integrated fresh water tank holding 4.5 liters or constant water supply selectable with or without drip tray drainage. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : With Universal…
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      WMF 9000S
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      • WMF 9000S
      • ฿876,800.00 ฿832,960.00
      • Fully-automatic, heavy-duty breakfast and banqueting specialty coffee machine for Espresso, Cappuccino, Milky Coffee, Latte Macchiato and Cafe Creme. With its revolutionary “Man Machine Interface”, it guarantees that all functions are simple to understand and to use in an instant. Every unit is equipped with 10 inch touch-screen display, automatic cleaning program, hot water dispensing, beverage registration, dry discharge, auto tray,…
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      WMF 1100S
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      • WMF 1100S
      • ฿206,200.00 ฿185,000.00
      • FEATURES Beverage variety (e.g. espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato or caffè latte) – the beverage variety is endless. The 7 inch touch display enables quick and purposeful guidance through the various menus – Sophisticated ergonomics that simplify more than just the self service area. Data backup (e.g. of cleaning protocols for HACCP documentation) and software updates with the…
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