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P.E.P. Process
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) optimizes extraction time to guarantee professional quality, Barista-style coffee.

Perfect fine foam
Total hygiene for the perfect milk foam thanks to maintenance at the touch of a button and the easily interchangeable milk spout.When switching from coffee to milk, you have to switch the knob on the right (machine prompts “OPEN TAP / CLOSE

Sealed Bean Container
The sealed coffee bean container with 280 g capacity keeps the aroma until the beans are ground.

Intelligent Fresh Water System with RFT
CLARIS water filters supply water of perfect quality for the best possible flavour. They protect the fluid system against lime scale and remove substances that impair smell and taste from the water. Minerals that are important for health are retained in the water.

Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) : 280x351x439
Fine foam frother : standard
Power supply (volt/watt) : 230/1,450
Display : TFT color display
Water tank capacity (liter) : 1.9
Programmable coffee strength : 8 levels
Programmable brewing temperature : 2 levels
High-adjustable dual spout (milk/coffee) : 65-111 mm.
Product Buttons : 6 buttons
Bean Container Size : 280g
ZERO energy switch : yes
Waste bean size : 16 Portions
Grinder : Aroma+G3

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